Building a fitness foundation takes you through corrective exercise progressions for each developmental position, allowing you to re-build what might have fallen off the track or completely collapsed due to long period of inactivity, muscle compensation or injuries. This sequence has been proven time and time again to be extremely effective in fixing any issues associated with a body that is not efficient and not firing in all cylinders, making the cylinders efficient and to work as one integrated unit again. Hence improved sense of all aspects of fitness: Balance, strength, speed. agility, flexibility, quickness, power, and coordination.

It`s normal to look at what our sports icons and media personalities do to achieve their athletic looks and prowess. But again, we can`t all look similar to that model getting paid in a weekend magazine, due to all the different factors that influences our body composition. These are factors like genetics, environmental factors, nutrition and general ability to sacrifice time/patience.

Hence the need to include basic movements in your exercise program according to your current fitness level, and based on yourself, instead of trying to follow what you have seen others doing. To follow the same program as your boyfriend, a muscled guy in the gym, a model on a cover of a magazine or super athlete trainingprograms, could be a direct ticket to a physiotherapist or chiropractor`s office, and they are expensive in Stavanger if you are on a budget.

Going back to start with basic exercises like proper squats, deadlifts, pull-ups and planks will do you good. They might be better than expected even though they don`t sound very sophisticated or doesn`t make you look cool in the gym. What its really about is fitness performance, getting the right technics and not vanity.

Climbing up the fitness ladder needs time and equal patience to match the progress, and this can`t be replaced by any theory or luck. Have a lucky fitness day!

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